Friday, March 21, 2014

Conversion Optimization

I am not an expert and havent done split A/B testing and have had limited success but have tried a few things which seem to work for me :

1) Added a trust mark : This can be something a SSL Seal or a guarantee.

2) Highlighted the call to action button - Orange seems to work well as a color. Also de-highlighted other buttons like Add to Wishlist so that the main call to action stands out.

3) Remove extra information from the Conversion page - Minimize possible actions. Earlier I had Facebook buttons, pinterest, twitter etc - now I have just three - Buy (Main Conversion button), Add to Wishlist (De-highlighted but just in case you want to come back later), Facebook like. The sizes and colors are in that priority

4) Speed - Did some tweaking suggested by Google for making the page faster(lot to do still). The assumption is that faster pages convert better.

5) Conversion steps : Reduced conversion steps from 8 to 5. Made Guest checkout the default option(We are a niche site so dont expect a lot of repeat find something and buy)

Do let me know if you know of some low cost ideas to improve Conversion