Friday, April 20, 2012

Coloring Happiness

"It isn't just a color, it's an attitude."


When it comes to interior decorations, it is very important that the decor represents your personality properly and colors are an effective way to do that. So, we in KraftInn decided to add some colors to our products. The first and foremost challenge that we faced is that bamboo does not have a surface that will make conventional paints to be applied easily. So, we tried applying stains to our products but that also was not easy. Sometimes, the colors faded away, and at times the colors get into your hands. Some stains cannot be applied uniformly while others do not look. Finally, we got the desired results after many tests and failures. We tried to apply the following colors:
  1. Olive Green
  2. Grass Green
  3. Lusty Red
  4. Chocolate Brown
  5. Sienna Brown
  6. Smoke Brown
  7. Ash Black
  8. Soot Black
We were not successful in applying all the colors at the present but we are sure we will be coming up with those. Presently, we present you with the following colors:
  1. Grass Green
  2. Lusty Red
  3. Smoke Brown
  4. Ash Black
  5. Soot Black
We now bring you the initial products with colors with a promise to bring more colors and products so that you have a wide variety of choices. These colorful products give your home a vibrant look and a cheerful environment is created.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Presenting Atlas Shrugged

Yesterday, we showed you an image of Atlas Shrugged, the book shelf that we have been working since last month. Today, we are proud to present the final product before you. We hope that you will love our latest offering. More details would be soon available in our website.

Atlas Shrugged