Saturday, August 31, 2013

Places to buy great lamps and handicrafts in Bangalore

We are an online brand but have a keen eye on exquisite stuff that is available across various retail stores. 

Here are a few in Bangalore that are very interesting :

1) The Purple Turtles
    This is located in Domlur second stage and has some really high end stuff with exquisite colours.

2) The Ant Store
    This is a crafts store showcasing North Eastern Handicraft. It also has a cafe on top. Located in Indiranagar, it is sometimes difficult to find it but once you are there, you dont want to leave.

3) IndyaKaleidoscope
    This place in Koramangala has great things from all over India, like pottery from Manipur and exquisite art work from Rajasthan

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

KraftInn Showcase at NEDFI Guwahati

We recently attended the NEDFI exhibiition in Guwahati and showcased some of our products. Here are some pictures :

Fig 1: Contemporary Floor Lamp (Large) :

Fig 2: Hofura Yellow Lamp :

Fig 3: Zeng Lamp :

Monday, August 12, 2013

Top Ecommerce Websites in India

A quick reckoner for top Ecommerce Websites in India (not in any particular order)









Sports Goods



Baby Products


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Facebook Marketing : Creating a Good Facebook Post

As a small ecommerce based business, one of our key marketing tools is Facebook. I am not privy to the spend of others or the reach, but based on the Facebook insights, there are a few things we have learnt.

Take a look at our last 5 posts in our Facebook page  (from Facebook Insights view. We have 12k odd fans). The * indicates the posts that are much more engaging than other posts
Post # 5 - A long image with lot of text with funny anecdotes and a link to our website. No of likes -7, No of shares - 1

Post #4 - Image of one of our Products and link to product. No of likes -30,No of shares-2

Post #3 - A wonderful image of many of our products arranged with a link to our website. No of likes -76, No of Shares -2

Post #2 - A funny timely image with a reference to a recent political event. No of likes -13, No of Shares-1

Post #1  - A simple image with one our products, an engaging quote and a link. No of likes - 25 likes, No of Shares  - 1 (this is only 2 hours old as of now)

In Summary Post #3 and Post #1 seem to work very well.

I also looked at older Text only Posts, Video Posts and so on.
Here are my top (although fairly generic findings)

1) Images are the most engaging of all posts. They are the quick wins

2) Text messages seem to reach to a large audience very fast but engagement is usually poor.

3) Videos especially ones that are about your brand dont seem to do well. Maybe Youtube is still the right place to go when it comes to Video. Its too much hardwork and low ROI at facebook. Though a good viral video may do wonders, creating such a video requires lot of hardwork, luck, skill etc

4) People like simple images. A great image needs to be focused. Too much text or highly intellectual content finds limited takers. Funny is good, clever is good as long as it is easy to get.

5) Users tend to share images where the brand message is not the main focus. An excellent brand focused message that is clever, interesting or funny gets a lot of likes but not necessarily a lot of shares.

6) Too much text does not work too well unless it is like a short story

7) Specific Links for Specific Images : If the image of a product that has a low chance of getting shared as it is something specific to your offering, it is better to provide a specific link than the generic website link.

8) Website Link for Generic Images - In case of a generic image(example funny image) that will probably get shared, it may help to put the generic website link that you want to promote as it will probably reach a complete new audience who will click on the link for curiosity

We have just about 12k fans and these are just generic observations that may be helpful. Hence sharing. Do let us know what works for you.