Saturday, July 28, 2012

Heavenly Bodies

Like everyone else we also get better when we get a few words of encouragement. Freelance writer Dagny Sol recently bought a few lamps for herself and a friend. Here is what she has to say about,

Star- studded walls...

I saw this a long time back... someone sent me a link to a site... I browsed and was held captive. This bit of magic was created in a land far from my home. But what does that matter? I saw this. It lured, it enticed, it held my imagination captive. A few clicks and I was assured that it had begun its journey from that far away place. In three days flat, I was cutting away the awesome packing. Stout burlap encasing a thermocol box inside which, this nestled in yet more packing. Such a delicate thing, traveling almost 2000kms, arriving with not a scratch..! AND in three days..! At a price that can only be called 'throw- away'.

For three months I waited to have this put up because there was repair/ renovation work going on in the house.

Last night I took it out of its packing for the last time and waited while it was being put up.

Then the stars came home.
Kraftinn Starnet Pendant Lamp
No, I didn't expect this. I knew it would look nice... but when it got installed I realized that to use the adjective nice (one I've always disliked), was to insult this magnificence.

I didn't expect this magic. I didn't expect the stars suddenly springing up on my walls.

Awesome... I wish the photos could have captured the wonder of this...

Kraftinn Starnet Pendant Lamp

Angel's wings... studded with stars. 

My kid's eyes went round as saucers... flying saucers... like the UFO thingies..? Yeah... those saucers.
Kraftinn Starnet Pendant Lamp

More, more, more....
Kraftinn Starnet Pendant Lamp

And even more...

Kraftinn Starnet Pendant Lamp

The flimsy veil... the added allure... the enhanced magic...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Making of a delightful lamp

You have always appreciated our lamps so we decided to show you how we make them. The following is a video of one of them.