Saturday, August 31, 2013

Places to buy great lamps and handicrafts in Bangalore

We are an online brand but have a keen eye on exquisite stuff that is available across various retail stores. 

Here are a few in Bangalore that are very interesting :

1) The Purple Turtles
    This is located in Domlur second stage and has some really high end stuff with exquisite colours.

2) The Ant Store
    This is a crafts store showcasing North Eastern Handicraft. It also has a cafe on top. Located in Indiranagar, it is sometimes difficult to find it but once you are there, you dont want to leave.

3) IndyaKaleidoscope
    This place in Koramangala has great things from all over India, like pottery from Manipur and exquisite art work from Rajasthan


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